Realising the benefits of trees and woodland
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The comprehensive 'Woodland for life' site
All you need to know provides an overview of the multiple benefits of trees and woodlands. This section's content is structured (see right) by the four pillars of sustainability: climatic, economic, social and environmental that affect the East of England.

Case studies demonstrating how different organisations and communities have practically benefited from trees and woodland. This segment of the site also contains a useful summary of case study lessons.

Realising the benefits contains the original Regional Woodland Strategy files and downloads of all of the recent documentation associated with the 'Woodland for Life' project. 'Click' here for a PDF/Word document of the 'Wealth Appraisal' and 'click' here for the core 'Realising the benefits...' document.

There is a full
glossary, plus a wealth of links to support any project you are planning.
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